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It’s spring and a young duellist’s thoughts turn to … Europe! Apparently, they have lots of castle’s there, lots of blades lying around waiting to be discovered and lots of WMA/HEMA-aficionado company to share! I wonder if they have beer in Europe too?

Lots of Competition!

ОРЕНБУРГСКИЕ НОВОСТИ (Orenberg, Russia) 13 March 12 Из современности в Средневековье
A local student has returned from a 45-competetor All-Russia Historical Fencing Competition with a bronze medal for his part in the sword and shield fights. He’s hoping to use his experiences to fight in the keystone “Sword of Russia” event later this year.
The story follows the challenges young Alex faced getting ready for this event including having no coaching available in his city, having to travel for instruction and the cost of acquiring high quality fighting kit. (Sound familiar anyone?)
Video Link:
{Wes Comment: I have no idea what school of fighting some of the competitors within the video were trained in; nor what the local safety regulations are!}

Losing the Lot!

САМАРА СЕГОДНЯ (Samara, Russia) 15 March 12 В Самаре ограбили клуб “Росич”
We in the West are not alone when it comes to losing our various ‘precious’.  The historical fencing club ‘Rosich’ was cleaned out of weapons, armour, weights and other supporting kit. Whether the club will attempt to continue to operate is still up in the air.

Lots of Training?

EL DIARIO DE LEON (Spain) 18 March 12 Curso de esgrima en los castillos de Cornatel y de Ponferrada
The Knights Templar medieval group will be hosting two days of historical sword instruction within Ponferrada and Cornatel castles. Master of Arms Priano Vincenzo Cherubino will be teaching long sword techniques.
You’ve got to love having room to move while fighting/training – and the period ambiance that castles bring.…

Found in a Lot.

RIKSANTIKVAREN (Oslo, Norway) 27 February 12 Vikingfunn på Melhus
Any item that starts with the work ‘Vikingfunn’ has to grab your attention – if only in the interests of self-preservation! (Your village may be the ‘funn’ alluded to!)
Speaking of ‘funn’, a common H-type sword with possible links to Viking age grave goods has been discovered. Of interest is the kudos offered to the company that was excavating in the area for their prompt and effective involvement with the government cultural authorities once it became apparent that they had found ‘treasure’.;action=Article.publicShow;ID=13…

Lots of Material – though not a Lot of Protection!

DIE WELT (Berlin, Germany) 13 March 12 “Schwert und Minirock schließen sich nicht aus”
Author Julia Freidanks is putting out her second medieval-based thriller – but more to the point – she points. Err, rather she points swords – and we’re not talking foil or epee. Apparently, the artist has a long standing interest in medieval martial arts.
“The sword and the miniskirt are not mutually exclusive … sometimes they’re more effective in combination.”…

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