New Year’s Resolutions – Some Words of Advice

It’s the time of New Year’s Resolutions, have you already set yours?

Personally I don’t set New Year’s Resolutions. Not that I don’t like the idea of resolving to do something.  What I don’t like about New Year’s Resolutions is that they only come once per year. So many New Year’s Resolutions are forgotten or abandoned by February and then you have another 11 months before you set them again.

I visit my goals and resolutions regularly. Sometimes that can be as often as once per week but it is at least once per month. This way I can see my progress and renew my commitments to the things that are truly important to me. Falling off the bandwagon is natural, it’s the ability to dust yourself off and get back on that separates achievers from everyone else.

So this year, definitely set some New Year’s Resolutions but make your first one simply to revisit your goals and what’s important to you at least once per month. To make sure this happens, I recommend you put a repeating event on your calendar (google calendar or phone calendars with alarms are great for this) or buddy up with a friend to meet once a month and talk about your goals whether they be sword fighting, fitness, financial, or otherwise.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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