A Happy Return from the Dekoven Academy of Arms

A Happy Return from the Dekoven Academy of Arms | I have just returned home from the Dekoven Academy of Arms in Racine, WI where I was teaching classes on Italian Rapier and Bolognese Sidesword with Buckler and Rotella.  It was a great event from the perspective of both teacher and student. Greg Mele, Nicole Allen, and John O’Meara deserve much praise for putting on a superb event that focused on the Iberian and Italian Renaissance Martial Arts.
I like to put up video references for workshops that I teach so students can review at least some of what was covered, so to that end we have linked to a few relevant videos for my classes in the workshop review page (requires free membership).
It was a pleasure having so many great students in my classes.  Feel free to contact me with questions, there are many more videos relevant to these subjects I can point you toward on the site. Also many people asked me about coming to teach a seminar in their area. Travelling is part of what I do, so please feel free to be in touch through the Duello.TV site or the Academie Duello site.

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