Workshop Review: Rapier and Sidesword Mechanics and Case of Rapier

Over the past few months I’ve been travelling to a lot of different places to teach workshops on a great diversity of topics from longsword, to sidesword, rapier, body mechanics, applied combatives, and case. After each workshop I like to pick a few choice videos from our Duello.TV selection and make them available in the Workshop Review area as a useful tool for those who attended the workshop to refresh what they learned when we were together.
This week I have posted videos for two workshops that I taught at the Known World Academy of the Rapier (KWAR) in Chicago on November 11th: Rapier Body Mechanics and Sidesword Fundamentals. I have also posted a couple supporting videos for the recent Rapier Case workshop that took place at Academie Duello on November 17th.
Members can check out these videos in the Workshop Review Section.
I also recommend KWAR attendees go through the extensive list of exercises in the Rapier Fundamentals list and the Sidesword Fundamentals list for other exercises we covered in the workshops as well as a few complimentary additions. To continue your education, I highly recommend continuing along in the Rapier Approaching playlist and Sidesword Mechanics list in the subscriber area.

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