Join the 30 for 30 Swordplay Challenge

It’s time to get 2023 started off right with the 10th-annual 30 for 30 Swordplay Challenge!

Yes this is the 10th Swordplay Challenge, and whether you’ve been there for all 10 of this is your first, I hope you’ll join me by picking up your sword (or sword like object) and help usher in 2023 right—sword swinging!

The challenge: practice swordplay (or other martial arts skills) for 30 minutes per day for 30 days in January from the 2nd to the 31st. This requires no experience and is open to both newbies and experts alike.

What’s involved: what you do is up to you. It can include swordplay classes (online or in person), practicing at home, or outside. You can choose rigorous conditioning or gentle drilling. You can choose to either challenge yourself to go over and above your regular schedule, or to incorporate what you usually do while filling in the days you usually miss. The goal is to start this year with a daily rhythm of practice.

Getting Started: Join the Facebook group for the challenge here. Read the welcome post, introduce yourself, share your training goal, and then report your progress, wins, challenges, and inspiration in each of the daily training logs.

Sign-up For the Daily Drill

If you’re looking for some inspiration sign up to the Duello.TV daily drill.

I post a longsword and rapier drill everyday that comes right to your inbox. You can throw them in to your current training routine or string each new one together and build a routine as you go. These drills are perfect for at-home practice inspiration.

You can also access our rapier and longsword quick-start courses and get started for the first time!

Succeeding at a 30 Day Challenge

At first, 30 minutes per day may seem easy. However, the real challenge is not doing 30 minutes of swordplay but practicing every day. Many habits are easily derailed by the business of modern life. To stay on track, I recommend the following:

  1. Have an overall goal. What do you want to get from your 30 days?
  2. Do your 30 minutes early. Partner up with a friend to share the accountability.
  3. Start with 5 minutes. You can always break your 30 minutes up throughout the day, and 5 minutes is always an easy start.
  4. If you miss a day, don’t postpone it; just don’t sweat it. The best thing to do if you fall off the wagon is to just get back on. Don’t try to make up your debt — just don’t fall further behind.

I hope you’ll join us in January! This is a great occasion to get back in step with your practice and get in the zone for 2023.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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