The Longsword DVD is Finally Here!

More than two years ago I got together with Greg Reimer, a group of other Duello students and a filmmaker to lay down the footage for a new DVD: Introduction to Italian Longsword. After two years of post-production problem solving it is finally available for the public!!
This DVD is an efficient and thorough approach to how I teach the use of the sword in two-hands. It starts with core postures and healthy body mechanics and then progresses into a foundation in the attacks and defense of the system. From there we progress into how to build extended actions and the tools needed to develop skills in sparring.
But don’t think this material is just for beginners. We’ve endeavoured to be very thorough about the mechanics, structure, and fine points of each technique. There’s a lot to be gained for an advanced practitioner as well, especially if you’re coming from a different swordplay background.
If you want to get your own copy, or learn more about what’s on the playlist, you can check it out at Freelance Academy Press.

If DVDs aren’t your thing

This content is available as part of the Introduction to Italian Longsword course on Duello.TV. You can also check out a smaller teaser version of that content here.
The advantage of the DVD is that it’s content you’ll own forever and you don’t need the Internet. The online course is part of a subscription that gives you access to quizzes, homework assignments, as well as a library of additional lessons and courses for further study.
Thanks everyone for your continued support. Next project for me: completing the post-production of my Italian Rapier book! On the longsword front: be sure to check out Greg’s beautiful Fiore production of the Tom Leoni translation.

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