Getting Over the Hump of a New Routine

Starting a new workout routine? Coming back after a long break? Stepping it up in a way you haven’t before?
Fact: the first week will be hard. Go into that eyes open. If you’re coming back after a long break or this is the first time you’ve set a serious routine, expect your body to hurt and your mind to object strongly.
That’s ok. That’s expected. That’s good!

Easy is Good, Right?

A lot of societal messages tell us that if it’s the right thing it should be easy. The reality is that change of any kind is painful. A new workout routine is a change from your old one. It’s better to just own that going in and commit to it anyway.
It really does not take long for your body to adapt and catch up. The mind is also very good at setting a new normal. So while it may be painful now, know that this will feel neutral if not welcome in the near future. It’s just getting over this first hump that feels challenging.

Pain is Progress

For now, relish in the pain. You’re going to hurt but you’re going to get there. Get others to share your pain and see just how far you can take it.
What I can tell you is that week two will be easier.

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