Passing the Silver Cord Examination

Exciting news for Academie Duello. We have scheduled our first Silver Cord examination for August 21, 2015.  This is excellent news for us as a school and for me as the Master Instructor.

The Silver Cord is the fourth rank in our system and is the equivalent of a Provost level in swordplay schools from the past. This is the level before our master rank.

Passing the Silver Cord examination requires that you show:

  • In earnest, combative proficiency both technical and strategic with the rapier and rapier and dagger.
  • In earnest, combative proficiency with the sidesword and buckler
  • Proficiency with the longsword in technical and combative application
  • Proficient grappling skills
  • A strong technical foundation in quarterstaff, rapier and buckler, rapier and cloak, dagger, counter-dagger, longsword grappling, and use of two swords.
  • Strategic and tactical depth with the rapier in orthodox and unorthodox situations
  • Strategic and tactical depth with the sword and buckler
  • Use of the rapier versus the longsword and sidesword
  • Interpretation and execution of 3 historical assaults with the sidesword.

It is a massive undertaking and the fact that we have a group of students ready to take the examination is tremendous.

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